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OT Cybersecurity

De-risk IT-OT convergence. Get complete visibility, analytics, and automation.

Let’s have a conversation about which use case can help you achieve your business outcomes. We will then take you on a customized, guided demonstration to show how Skybox can help.

Get a demo. See how we can help you:

  • Unify multiple firewall platform policy assessments within a single tool; run configuration and audit assessments across platforms.
  • Automate change management workflows and establish consistent processes between IT, OT, and hybrid networks to avoid misconfigurations.
  • Maintain compliance with regulatory frameworks and proactively assess impending compliance tests to minimize audit findings.
  • Optimize network pathing, enable multiple policy options based on requirements, improve ROI on security and network investments.
  • Enable passive network path analysis across IT, OT, hybrid network environments to identify exposed vulnerabilities.
  • Choose from multiple options to remediate exposed vulnerabilities (patch, reconfigure, block via ACL/firewall policy).
  • Validate network segmentation by automating regular access checks between compliance zones, network segments, and PERA levels.

By aligning with the Purdue Enterprise Reference Architecture across multiple use cases, we help you eliminate security blind spots, reduce risk and drive compliance with regulatory frameworks:

Automated compliance for firewall and network infrastructure

Comply efficiently with evolving CIP standards. Optimize device configuration and automate network access analysis. Increase audit readiness through comprehensive compliance reports.

Vulnerability lifecycle management.

Prioritize the most harmful vulnerabilities with a customizable, multi-factor risk management framework based on infrastructure context, threat intelligence, and business logic. Complement patches and software updates with diverse network-based remediation options for a defense-in-depth approach.

Asset inventory.

Get a comprehensive view of IT and OT assets and vulnerabilities in a single pane of glass. Combine visibility from active scanning, endpoint detection, and OT passive scan solutions with scan-less discovery powered by Skybox threat intelligence.

We look forward to talking with you about your use case.

Additional resources for OT security professionals:

No company is safe from cyberattacks, but those with OT environments are particularly vulnerable. Eliminate OT security blind spots, reduce risk, and maintain compliance with regulatory frameworks. Unlock complete visibility, analytics and automation across your IT, OT, and hybrid cloud environments.

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OT integrations

With OT integrations, Skybox merges and normalizes IT, OT, and cloud information to build a multidimensional network model. This model provides a unified view of assets, controls, configurations, and vulnerabilities across the IT and OT environments.