Skybox Network Assurance

Gain complete visibility and command
of network access and routes.

Skybox Network Assurance

Network Assurance illuminates complex network security and policy compliance interactions, giving you visible insights to reduce attack vectors and network disruptions

Amazing Network Visibility and Control

Create detailed network models to analyze your network and test planned changes. Network modeling allows in-depth assessments and analysis without network disruption.

Network Assurance works fast to find device configuration errors or troubleshoot access and connectivity issues in enterprise-scale networks.

Highlighted Features

Network Model

visualize interactions of all network devices
see into the cloud

Security Analytics

find potential attack vectors
improve network change planning

Network Compliance Verification

continuous compliance
on-demand reports and metrics

How It Works

Model-Driven Network Security Management

Bring your network into view, across traditional networks and the Amazon Virtual Private Cloud. Automatic, accurate network modeling visualizes the perimeter and access routes through your network.

By automatically collecting network device configuration data, Network Assurance highlights security concerns and analyzes root-causes of network path connectivity issues in minutes.

Network Visibility - Skybox Security Network Assurance - Capabilities

Network Visibility and Analysis

Visualize end-to-end access paths from any source to any destination and quickly analyze and validate changes with Access Analyzer.

See access rules for each firewall or router allowing or denying traffic to easily compare all ACLs, routing rules, NAT, proxies, VPNs and more, and identify potential attack paths during attack simulations.

Network Visibility - Skybox Security Network Assurance - Capabilities 2

Streamlined Network Compliance Verification

Validate configurations against out-of-the-box policies for PCI DSS, NIST and NERC, as well as custom corporate policies.

Run reports on compliance metrics and violations whenever you want to support network security management decisions and strategy.

Network Visibility - Skybox Security Network Assurance - Capabilities 3

"The Skybox Security Suite was able to work with us, analyze our environments, and accurately depict the state of our network."

- Director of IT Security, High-tech commercial bank

Network Visibility - Skybox Security Network Assurance - Case Study

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