Demo Resources

Demo: Firewall Change Reconciliation

Reconciliation is the verification phase of the Skybox Security change management workflow where we compare approved and implemented tickets with observed changes on the firewall.

Demo: Network Assurance Overview

This demo covers the four primary features of the Network Assurance modules of the Skybox Security Suite: access compliance, configuration compliance, network mapping and path analysis.

Demo: Network Map

The network map is a representation of the Skybox network model that is the foundation for many of the features and use cases of the Skybox Security Suite.

Demo: Operational Console

A video demonstration of the Skybox Security operational console highlighting our automation system.

Demo: Overlapping Rules

This demo shows how Skybox identifies overlapping rules in a firewall rule set.

Demo: Path Analysis

A demonstration video showing one of the most important things you can do with the Skybox network map: path analysis.