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Cloud vulnerability and threat trends report 2019

Rising container vulnerabilities, cloud adoption and migration, and increasing cybersecurity threats cause business risk. One network security misconfiguration can be costly.

Learn why:
  • Cloud container vulnerabilities are on the rise.
  • An exploited RCE vulnerability can be devastating.
  • Poor cloud cyber hygiene can be catastrophic.

Classic cloud benefits, such as reduced costs, increased agility, improved efficiency, and continuous updates and upgrades, are enticing to an increasing number of businesses. But all the value that a cloud platform offers can be wiped out in a single breach. As a result, today’s hybrid world demands a modern cyber security management solution designed to understand cloud architecture to guard against cyber security threats.

The report highlights that cloud risks are increasing in number and severity. Because of this, more companies realize that their cloud strategy depends upon modern cloud cybersecurity. The research findings include:

  • Vulnerabilities affecting the IaaS cloud likely to increase 50%.
  • Container vulnerabilities have increased by 82%.
  • Which third-party cloud plugins and apps expand the attack surface.
  • Misconfigurations remain the greatest risk to cloud security.
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