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Clean network firewall rules in four steps

Discover why clean firewalls are key to securing a distributed workforce across an ever-expanded attack surface. Learn why a new firewall change management policy approach is needed.

Learn how to:
  • Cleanup your firewalls in four easy steps.
  • Clean-up shadowed and redundant firewall rules and delete expired and disabled rules.
  • Remove duplicate objects and delete orphaned objects.
  • Delete or disable unused firewall rules and remove unused objects from rules used.
  • Refine partially used rules and objects and evaluate and refine specific flows.

Organizations face the reality of securing a massively expanded attack surface. The need for robust and accurate processes has never been so dire.

To secure your distributed workforce, you need clean firewalls. Continually growing firewall rulesets without proactive management could make compliance impossible. Implementing firewall rules best practices including a proactive firewall change management process with embedded cleanup capabilities is critical to thriving in this new era

This webinar explores:
  • Object and ruleset complexity.
  • Understanding and documenting the business justification behind each rule.
  • Lowering network misconfigurations, resulting in downtime and emergency changes.
  • Identifying excessive network access more easily.