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Detect hidden vulnerabilities with Azure Public Cloud

Discover how integrating Azure data into Skybox provides superior control of cloud assets and enables analysis of network traffic across the entire attack surface.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to
  • Conduct path analysis and build a network model.
  • Transform access compliance to conduct access policy verification and identify rule violations.
  • Optimize and clean up shadowed and redundant rules.

While Microsoft is responsible for the security of the Azure Firewall and Azure Public Cloud, you remain responsible for the data security within your Azure service. Therefore, to secure these data, you need to have seamless visibility across the physical, virtual, and multi-cloud networks that sit within your security environment. Integrating Azure data into your Skybox solution ensures superior firewall rule lifecycle management.

In this webinar, you’ll see how to:
  • Learn how to configure Skybox to connect and retrieve information from the Azure Firewall and Azure Public Cloud.
  • See how Skybox’s network model offers visibility into the Azure Firewall and Azure Public Cloud infrastructure and provides the ability to perform access analysis.
  • Understand how Skybox is used to identify and track changes made to the Azure Firewall Policy and to identify conflicting rules in the Azure firewall policy using shadow and redundant rule analysis.