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De-risk IT/OT convergence: network path analysis demo

Normalize and standardize current security controls across IT/OT environments through context-driven segmentation and access policies for zone creations.

Learn how to:
  • Use the Skybox network model to perform access queries across the network to validate segmentation from IT/OT.
  • Understand automated analysis and how access can relate to exposure.
  • Implement access policies to validate access and monitor and maintain compliance.

Part two of our exclusive four-part demo hour series; learn how you can eliminate security blind spots, reduce risk and drive compliance with regulatory frameworks across your IT/OT networks.

Visibility is a significant challenge in OT environments, especially when providing insights needed to identify and mitigate vulnerability exposures. An extension to this challenge is context and understanding of what access is permissible in and out of OT environments and providing validation of all possible access paths that otherwise present attack vectors.

Skybox provides visibility into an organization’s network model, visually modeling hybrid IT and OT networks and security policies to detect and analyze open access paths supporting better segregation and security control assurance. Aligned with the Purdue Enterprise Reference Architecture, this four-part demo hour series will walk through different use case to show how organizations can eliminate security blind spots, reduce risk and drive compliance with regulatory frameworks across their IT/OT networks.

This demonstration covers a range of topics, including:
  • The importance of having the correct security policies and network segregation in place.
  • How incorrectly segregated networks can lead to increased risk of security breaches.
  • How segmentation can help to reduce the attack surface.
Presented by:
Technical Director Skybox Security
Senior Product Marketing Manager Skybox Security
A veteran of the cyber security industry he previously worked with Forcepoint, Deep Secure and for Gartner, Citrix, and IBM as well as writing for both the trade and national press in a career spanning over 30 years.