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De-risk IT/OT convergence with vulnerability lifecycle management

A Nozomi Networks and Skybox Security webinar

Watch this webinar to learn how an integrated solution can help security practitioners
  • Visualize the attack surface of the converged enterprise across layers 0-5 of the Purdue model
  • Analyze all ICS, OT and IoT devices in your environment
  • Gain immediate awareness of cyber threats, risks, and anomalies
  • Utilize a flexible risk scoring framework to prioritize and remediate the most harmful vulnerabilities

The stakes are high. Industrial control systems are life-sustaining, and therefore attractive targets for cyber criminals who capitalize on an increasingly turbulent landscape.

Security practitioners struggle to achieve asset and vulnerability visibility due to a fragmented view of their IT and OT estates. In addition, they often find themselves without a consistent framework for addressing vulnerabilities across the entire lifecycle, starting from discovery to remediation and reporting.

Historically OT attacks have threatened our food, water, and fuel supplies with a common pattern that many of these attacks weaponize existing vulnerabilities or cyber hygiene gaps. This dispels a cyber security myth that already known vulnerabilities are harmless. To reduce critical cybersecurity risk, we need a new OT security paradigm where IT/OT convergence demands flexible and vendor-agnostic attack surface modeling.

With a unified view of IT and OT assets and vulnerabilities, you can unlock complete visibility, analytics, and automation across your IT, OT, and hybrid cloud environments. During this session, learn how Skybox and Nozomi help to improve security efficacy and efficiency for your organization through insights needed to identify and mitigate vulnerability exposures and optimize security policies, actions, and change processes.

Presented by:
Senior Director, Alliances and Product Marketing Skybox Security
Surja is responsible for Alliance and Product Marketing at Skybox Security. She fell in love with cybersecurity as a Systems Engineer configuring a PIX firewall through its Command Line Interface more than 20 years ago and has never wavered since. She was part of the pioneering team that created Cisco's first line of business around IT/OT convergence, engaging with ecosystem partners to co-develop and bring to market new converged solutions for critical infrastructure protection. Her career spans roles in hyper-innovative startups, multi-billion-dollar security companies, and the discrete manufacturing sector designing electric motors as a plant engineer. Surja specializes in developing new threat-centric use cases centered around our platform capabilities to help organizations better protect their expanding attack surface across the converged enterprise.
Nozomi Networks
Director, Sales Engineers - North America Skybox Security
Terry Olaes is director of North America systems engineering at Skybox Security. Terry brings more than 20 years of experience in IT, including IT/OT convergence, audit and compliance, data breaches, and incident management. Terry’s eclectic background, which includes working on the ground floor at a manufacturing plant, serving as a systems engineer, and managing large security teams, gives him a unique perspective on fortifying IT/OT security posture. Terry specializes in helping organizations devise the right cybersecurity strategies to help manage vulnerabilities and mitigate risks across IT, OT, and hybrid cloud environments.