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Tips and tricks to improve vulnerability management

Use new, innovative vulnerability management tools to prioritize vulnerabilities based on a combination of asset importance, CVSS score, exploitability, and advanced exposure analysis.

Learn how to:
  • Model your entire attack surface.
  • Simulate attacks.
  • Conduct frictionless vulnerability assessment.
  • Prioritize patching and mitigation.
  • Use CVSS metrics for vulnerability filtering.
  • Use Microsoft defender data effectively.
  • Identify network device lateral movement.

Modern attackers move fast to exploit your network vulnerabilities. But with a new approach to vulnerability management, security teams can stop breaches before they happen. Discover how a modern vulnerability and threat management solution enables security teams to quickly find the vulnerabilities that pose the most significant financial danger to your business and remediate them. Slam the door shut before hackers probing your network know a security hole was ever there. This technical demonstration shows you how Skybox seamlessly pulls and merges data from multiple sources in addition to scans and creates a centralized data source to facilitate advanced network modeling and prioritization analysis.