Multi–Cloud Security Management

End–to–end visibility across physical and multi–cloud networks for simiplified security management

Total Visibility Anywhere in Your Network

Don’t let security visibility stop where your physical network ends and virtual and cloud networks begin. With comprehensive network modeling and security analytics from Skybox, maintaining hybrid network security across your physical, virtual and cloud environments has never been easier.

The Skybox virtual and cloud network security solution lets you see into virtualized environments to unify security policy management throughout your hybrid network.

  • Audit and track security policies
  • Visualize access end to end
  • Discover vulnerabilities anywhere within your IT infrastructure

With normalized data and uninterrupted visibility, you can take a more holistic, systematic approach to securing your physical, virtual and cloud networks and systematically reducing your attack surface.

Skybox currently offers interoperability for Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and VMware NSX.

Infographic: Virtual and Cloud Network Security

Auditing and Tracking in Virtualized Networks

Management consoles for software-defined data centers (SDDCs) are often under the control of system administrators rather than network security engineers. With limited security access, it’s difficult – if not impossible – to track changes as new machines or rules are created. And incorporating security policy management in virtual and cloud networks with review and auditing procedures in physical networks is another huge challenge. 

With the Skybox virtual and cloud network security solution, comprehensive network modeling gives model-driven access to virtualized networks – without going through the management console – and visibility to policy at the host level.

Auditing - Virtual and Cloud Network Security

True End-to-End Access Analysis

Security groups and access combinations can quickly turn a virtual environment into a spider web of complexity. Manually trying to integrate this information with other virtual or physical networks only complicates matters. And if access verification is only performed at chokepoints, you have no insight to the east-west traffic in the virtual environment that could be putting your organization at risk.

Total network visibility is the key to end-to-end access analysis in hybrid IT environments. With Skybox, you have the power to seamlessly combine north-south and east-west policies across your entire enterprise.

The Skybox virtual and cloud network security solution lets you:

  • See ACLs and security tags on the asset itself
  • Analyze asset rules
  • Check if the source and destination allow the desired access

With end-to-end visibility you can ensure policy and security tags are correctly implemented for complete hybrid network security.

Visibility for Virtual and Cloud Network Security

Vulnerability Detection in Virtualized Networks

Certain cloud environments don’t allow external scanning, but vulnerabilities within them contribute to your overall risk nonetheless. You need a way to detect these vulnerabilities and prioritize them by their potential business impact.

Using the Skybox model, Skybox® Vulnerability Detector eases discovery and scanning activity, decreasing reliance on active scanning in virtualized and cloud environments. Vulnerability Detector:

  • Automatically gathers and correlates network asset data with more than 25 vulnerability and threat data sources
  • Yields vulnerability assessments with more than 99 percent accuracy
  • Provides daily situational awareness anywhere in your network
Security - Virtual and Cloud Network Security

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