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Cybersecurity made smarter with Skybox.

Prevent breaches before they happen. Get the intelligence and context you need to reduce cyber exposure at speed and scale.

Reduce cyber risk and get 142% ROI on investment with Skybox

Skybox commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study and examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying the Skybox Security Posture Management Platform. Here are some of the benefits and cost savings Forrester discovered:

Reduce risk of a data breach by 55%

By leveraging Skybox’s capabilities to prioritize and remediate exposed vulnerabilities and address compliance concerns, you can reduce risks from internal and external threats.

Decrease downtime for mission-critical assets by 50%

You can better plan maintenance cycles and remediate threats more quickly due to a better understanding of the criticality of potential threats.

Increase efficiency of security operations by 30%

With expanded visibility, automated workflows, and improved vulnerability prioritization, you can redeploy internal resources to higher-value tasks. Use improved data and intelligence to increase productivity over time.


Reduce cyber risk with proactive security posture management.

Assess cyber risk, gain insight, make smart cybersecurity decisions.

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With Skybox, your security posture is in good hands.

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Our platform helps you strengthen your organization’s overall security efficacy and reduce risks that expose your network to cyberattacks.

Cloud Edition

Skybox Cloud Edition is our existing award-winning security posture management platform, now available as a service.

Solutions + Products

Our vulnerability management and security policy management offerings provide you with the intelligence and context you need to make better, faster security decisions.


Our integrations give you visibility across the key elements of your ecosystem. You can easily identify exposure because you understand the relationships between key data sources and the network.

Services + Partners

Our services are designed to reduce your time to value with Skybox products. Our extensive partner ecosystem of distributors, resellers, GSIs, and MSSPs provide you with integrated solutions that best meet your needs.