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Cybersecurity risk underestimated by OT organizations

OT faces uphill battle comprised of network complexity, functional silos, supply chain risk and limited vulnerability options.

Zero In on what matters

Prioritize and make smarter, faster decisions with a complete picture of your attack surface

Stay ahead of your dynamically changing attack surface

We provide the intelligence and context to make informed decisions, taking the guesswork out of securely enabling your business at scale and speed.

We keep good company

Over 500 security-conscious enterprises rely on Skybox for insights and assurance required to ensure their business remains protected.

Trusted by major enterprises and government agencies

Financial Services


Oil and Gas


Acquiring actionable intelligence to protect critical business assets

“We’re focused on making Skybox the risk management center of our universe. We’re building dashboards that show risk across the entire enterprise to gain deep insight into our overall risk. It’s only possible because Skybox correlates our relevant business information with our real-world risks. It’s phenomenal technology.”


Unifying Security Management and Empowering Secure Innovation

“Along with SIEMs, Skybox is the most important tool in our infosecurity arsenal and a cornerstone of our SOC.”

Network Security leader / Skybox Customer

Reducing vulnerability exposure from weeks to hours

“Our false positive rate has dropped significantly from the 20 percent we were experiencing. We can now prioritize our efforts on deploying patches.”

CISO / Multi-national oil and gas company

Achieving fully automated security management and FISMA compliance

“Skybox immediately helped us find problems we hadn’t considered, and to fix things were would have never found. Skybox was the perfect fit for us.”

Program manager / USAID ISSO TEAM

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