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Eliminate firewall misconfigurations to improve security posture

Discover insights that enable you to improve network firewall solutions against threats and vulnerabilities – fast and accurately.

In this webinar, you will gain the following knowledge:
  • Learn how Skybox aligns with CIS, DISA, STIGs and vendor-specific benchmarks.
  • See how Skybox automatically identifies vulnerabilities on security and networking devices without the need for active scanning.
  • Understand how to reduce misconfigurations.
  • Learn how to introduce unified processes that eliminate silos within your business.

The levels of security promised by firewall and network device providers work if the software and services have the proper configuration. While vendors are responsible for the security of their products, you are fully responsible for ensuring their configuration – including the provision of access controls and key management.

Improper configurations can leave your critical assets vulnerable to attack. Without strict multi- factor authentication or stringent authorization of managed policies, you could be exposing your organization to any number of threats.

In this webinar, you will learn:
  • How to identify configuration weaknesses and vulnerabilities and limit misconfigurations.
  • How to audit the security and understand weaknesses in a network device configuration.
  • Verify that firewalls and other network infrastructure components meet configuration standards.
  • See how to identify vulnerabilities automatically daily without scanning.