Change Management

Secure firewall change management with automated workflows

Improve the Firewall Change Management Process from Start to Finish

In a large organization, frequent firewall changes are a fact of life. Putting into place a streamlined firewall change management process cuts management time and reduces the chance of introducing new security or compliance issues with each change.

Let Skybox shepherd you through a secure change process with automated risk assessments, provisioning, tracking and reporting, so your changes are implemented as intended.

Firewall Change Management - Skybox Security - Improve the Firewall Change Management Process from Start to Finish

Automated Change Management Workflows

Changes need to be made quickly to keep up with business needs, but implementing changes in your network before they’ve been evaluated for potential risks is a recipe for cyber-disaster. 

Skybox provides an automated change management workflow from initial request through implementation. Integrated risk assessments and access path analysis checks for errors or policy violations before the change is made. 

Once changes are approved, users have the option to push select firewall changes live. Every step in the workflow is tracked and reported to confirm continuous compliance and have audit information at-the-ready.

Firewall Change Management - Skybox Security - AUTOMATED CHANGE MANAGEMENT WORKFLOWS

Context-Aware Risk Assessments

Changes must be considered “in context," with proper visibility and understanding of the network environment, policies and other security controls.  

Skybox models the entire attack surface, providing full security visibility and context for accurate risk assessments. In addition to basic security checks, predictive analytics take into account potential attack vectors and vulnerabilities that could be exposed by the change.

Contextual intelligence can save hundreds of hours in remediation time by identifying risks and focusing on those relevant to your network before changes go live.

Firewall Change Management - Skybox Security - CONTEXT-AWARE RISK ASSESSMENTS

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