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Energy company detects 3X more security vulnerabilities without causing network disruption

Learn how an energy company conducted attack surface analysis without disrupting the network, and increased speed and accuracy of vulnerability remediation program.

Learn how to:
  • Automate prioritization of highest risk vulnerabilities.
  • Increase efficiency through identification of optimal remediation options.
  • Deliver faster and more accurate elimination of attack vectors.
Active scanning processes can disrupt network operations and deliver high false-positive rates, leaving IT security teams wondering how to prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities. That’s why more energy companies rely on a cyber security management platform that automates the prioritization of high-risk vulnerabilities without impacting network performance.


With Skybox, energy companies are able to:
  • Translate vulnerability data into actionable intelligence.
  • Leverage attack simulations to prioritize threats.
  • Passively collect information and accurately model IT and OT networks.

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