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Detect 3X more cybersecurity vulnerabilities without causing network disruption

Energy company uses Skybox Vulnerability Control to conduct attack surface analysis without disrupting the network. The company also increased the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of their vulnerability assessment and remediation.

Learn how you can:
  • Automate prioritization of highest risk vulnerabilities.
  • Increase efficiency through identification of optimal remediation options.
  • Eliminate attack vectors faster and with more accuracy.
  • Avoid network operations disruption.

This Argentinian energy company with $13B in revenue needed an alternative to traditional vulnerability scanning. This company conducts exploration, refinement, production, transportation, and sales of oil and petroleum products. They wanted to assess vulnerabilities across their network infrastructure without limitations or disruptions to operations. They chose Skybox Vulnerability Control to obtain total network visibility and to conduct more accurate and timely assessments without disrupting the network.

Business challenge

Go beyond vulnerability scans to comprehensively assess and prioritize risk

This company found traditional vulnerability scanning across the network infrastructure disrupted network operations, delivered high false positive rates, and was limited to infrequent scans in some network segments. Their security teams lacked network visibility, did not have access to accurate and timely vulnerability data, and were unable to properly prioritize risk and remediation. Visibility of the IT-OT attack surface, in particular, is essential to understand the environment and its connections, design security architectures, identify attack vectors, and locate blind spots.

Skybox Research Lab found Operational Technology (OT) vulnerabilities increased by 88% year-over-year. As OT vendors publicly report vulnerabilities more proactively, this trend opens up considerable opportunities for threat actors."
Vulnerability and Threat Trends Report, Skybox Security, 2022

Obtain full visibility and context of the entire IT and OT attack surface

The company chose Skybox Vulnerability Control to more easily locate where they are exposed to cyber-attacks, quantify the risks of exploitation, prioritize vulnerabilities, and choose optimal remediation options. With Skybox, the company matured its vulnerability management program, gaining the ability to continuously monitor both network changes and vulnerabilities across the entire network and empowering the IT security team to determine when network changes expose vulnerabilities and potential exploits. Skybox also automates risk assessment and prioritizes remediation of vulnerabilities that pose the greatest risk to the organization.

Get a demo of the Skybox Security Posture Management platform and see how it can help you get full visibility and context across your IT and OT networks:

The company now receives an automated, accurate, and prioritized list of vulnerabilities without relying on active scans of the network hosts. Additionally, Skybox analyzes vulnerabilities and security controls within the context of the network to zero in on vulnerabilities that must be addressed immediately. This proactive approach to security risk enables the security team to gain greater efficiencies and accuracy with vulnerability remediation efforts.


Get 100% accuracy and 3x greater vulnerability detection

Using Skybox Vulnerability Control, the company tackles the challenges presented by traditional scanning, capturing vulnerability data on network devices and zones that traditional scanners miss, and all without network disruption. The IT security team discovered nearly three times as many vulnerabilities compared to traditional active scanner results.

The solution fully automates the company’s vulnerability management program from detection through assessment, prioritization, and remediation, providing on-demand vulnerability intelligence that enables the company to reduce risk and eliminate attack vectors quickly and accurately.

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