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Ensure OT firewall compliance with Skybox

French water and energy service provider selects Skybox Security Posture Management Platform to ensure firewall and network compliance across their OT systems.

Learn how you can:
  • Get a single view of the entire OT network estate.
  • Ensure firewall and network compliance with best practices.
  • Understand attack surface exposure.
  • Assess vulnerabilities and mitigate potential risks.

This French multinational provider of water, waste management, and energy services needed to audit their estate of Operational Technology (OT) firewalls and understand their potential exposure to attack following a strategic merger with another service provider. They chose the Skybox Security Posture Management Platform to provide the essential insight.

Business challenge

Understand exposure to attack across newly merged OT networks

As a key provider of critical infrastructure, this organization is keenly aware that cybercriminals are intent on targeting OT systems and that the stakes can be high in terms of potential product damage, lost business, and impact on public safety.

Following their merger with another service provider, the security team had a particular concern. They needed to assess their security posture and understand potential exposure across all the OT firewall and network devices spanning both organizations. This insight would ensure compliance with best practices.

We needed to audit a large and diverse estate of OT firewalls and networking devices and understand our exposure to potential attack.”
French multinational provider of water, waste management, and energy services

Gain a complete picture of all the OT firewalls and networking devices

The provider chose Skybox Firewall Assurance, Network Assurance, and Vulnerability Control technologies to give them the complete picture of their OT firewalls and additional network devices.

With Skybox providing a complete inventory of all the OT firewalls and network devices in the estate, the provider uses the out-of-the-box compliance capability to identify potential violations in firewall access rule properties and possible instances of violating traffic traveling between network zones.

Get a demo of the Skybox Security Posture Management platform and see how it can help you ensure compliance across your IT and OT networks:

The Vulnerability Control module provides continuous monitoring for the presence of known exploits and vulnerabilities. Skybox’s sophisticated scoring and prioritization rules tell the organization which assets are vulnerable, whether the vulnerability is already exploited in the wild, and which assets should be prioritized by the security team for attention.

The solution also enables the team to examine potential attack paths between any source and destination, modeling the route that violating traffic could take and understanding precisely how to mitigate the risk.


Attack surface visibility for critical infrastructure

Reduce cyber risk and eliminate security blind spots through a unified view of assets and vulnerabilities across the IT/OT attack continuum.


Meet core compliance goals

Using Skybox, the organization benefits from a complete picture of their OT firewall and networking assets, what exploits they are vulnerable to and how best to mitigate them. This information is continuously updated by Skybox so the security team always has the latest information at their fingertips.

The solution enables this organization to meet its core compliance goals for firewall and network devices across the OT estate despite the challenges that accompany a large-scale merger.

We are making Skybox Firewall Assurance, Network Assurance, and Vulnerability Control capabilities an integral part of our global compliance strategy for the future.”

Talk to an expert about how you can meet your core compliance goals with Skybox solutions:

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