End of Life (EOL) announcement

Skybox Security announces End of Life (EOL) for the website, effective July 1st, 2023. The Skybox Security Platform now has built-in support for a range of integration capabilities that deliver similar or superior functionality to those that were available on

Skybox Customers can access a range of features designed to make it easy to manage vulnerabilities and integrate with external security management tools from within your Skybox Vulnerability Management solution, including built-in capabilities of Vulnerability Control that utilize data from the Threat Intelligence Service.

Workflows and capabilities include:
  • The option to export vulnerabilities including all related information to CSV and JSON formats.
  • A built-in ticketing system.
  • ITSM based workflows.
  • Vulnerability-related REST APIs that provide seamless integration with your existing workflows and tools.

Contact Customer Support for help with Vulnerability Control and Threat Intelligence Feed capabilities.

If you’re not a Skybox customer, now is the time to get in touch and find out how the Skybox platform can help you to:

Access threat intelligence sources

Get automatically aggregated threat data from the National Vulnerability Database, published vulnerability repositories, vulnerability scanners, threat intelligence feeds and platforms, vendor IPS signatures, and more.


Cyber Threat Intelligence Feeds

See the 35+ included feeds from Expert Advisories & Databases, plus Scanners, Vendors, and IPS. Enhanced with expert analysis, and updated daily. Get the Brief.

Identify and integrate

Identify vulnerabilities in standard operating systems, software versions, product configurations, and databases. Integrate intelligence data with vulnerability analysis to find exploitable and exposed assets.


Vulnerability Control

Reimagine a vulnerability program management strategy that accurately analyzes vulnerability exposure risk across the entire attack surface.

Detect firewall vulnerabilities

Gain visibility into vulnerabilities, including a list of vulnerabilities per firewall device along with severity and mitigation options.


Firewall Assurance

With automated rule lifecycle management, compliance audits are faster, rule changes are more precise, and cyber security risk assessments are more efficient.

Detect network device vulnerabilities

Gain visibility into network device vulnerabilities in traditional, hybrid, and cloud networks. See a list of vulnerabilities per queried access path along with severity. Learn more about Network Assurance.

Assess the risk of network changes

Attain visibility and understanding of how network changes impact security. With aggregated vulnerability data at your fingertips, you can proactively identify potentially exposed vulnerabilities based on proposed network changes. Learn more about how to reduce cyber exposure with risk-based vulnerability management.

Correlate and model

Correlate vulnerabilities in the environment with those being actively exploited in the wild. Model your network topology and determine where assets are exposed. Learn more about risk-based vulnerability prioritization and remediation.

Speak with a Skybox expert and see how Vulnerability Control and the Threat Intelligence Feed give you complete visibility: